We specialize in the production of baskets (UIC 435-3), and other special baskets and containers at the request of the customer. Our goods are delivered to the recipients of his own means of transport. Our clients guarantee favorable conditions for payment and the ability to negotiate prices.


About Us

ORŁOWSKI I WSPÓLNICY ("Orłowski") Sp.J. (unlimited partnership) has operated since 1990 and is based in Gałązki Wielkie 17.

The partners are Kazimierz and Marian Orłowski. In 1995 we joined the (German) European Pallets Association (EPAL) and were granted the number PL-065 and the SGS-CONTROLL Co.m.b.H Herne permit for the production of UIC 435-3 wire boxes.

Since that time we have been specializing in the production of UIC 435-3 wire boxes and other special wire boxes including custom-made containers. We have the capacity to produce from 8 000 to 12 000 thousand UIC 435-3 boxes monthly. We supply the products to our customers by means of our own transport. Regular customers are offered favorable payment schemes and price negotiations.


Gałązki Wielkie
17 63-460 Nowe Skalmierzyce


Tel. +48 (0-62) 762-11-96 / 762-41-10
Fax. +48 (0-62) 762-01-35

e-mail: info@orlowski.com.pl